Peter isn't as Nelly as Emmett but he's just as fabulous!

Peter/Emmett fans
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Some basic rules:

1. Keep posts on topic. (Peter Paige/Emmett Honeycutt)
2. No spamming the community.
3. You may post icons/graphics but please keep them limited to Peter/Emmett. Although icons with other characters/actors in addition to Peter/Emmett is acceptable. (Temmett, Mikey and Emmett etc.)
4. Please do not cross-post to this community and a bunch of other lj QAF communities. No one wants to see the same post 20 times on their Friends List. If you do cross post please be specific and make sure it directly involves Peter/Emmett. The Mod may delete cross-posted posts at her discretion if she feels they have been cross-posted to too many other communities at once.
5. Please lj-cut all posts related to Season Four of Queer As Folk. All other seasons may be discussed openly.
6. Please lj-cut all posts related to Peter's movies. So that people who haven't seen the movies yet won't be spoiled.
7. Please lj-cut all photos larger than 350x350. If you post more than one photo please put additional photos behind the cut, but please feel free to share as many photos of Peter as you please :)
8. Please no ship wars and no ship bashing. We all respect each others personal preferences and there is no need for childish behavior.
9. Please do not post specifically to criticize Peter Paige. He is a human being with feelings and you should respect that. You should also respect that this is a community of Peter Fans and if you have complaints about Peter you should take them to a more suitable place such as a general Queer As Folk community or preferably your own journal.

Be careful what you say folks! This is the Internet, you never know who could be reading.

For questions on how to lj-cut consult the FAQ

Our community has had it's heart broken by the scottlowell community, but that's ok because we will come around and be friends again right? ;)

This is an official sister community of queerasfolkfans.