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Fri, Jun. 2nd, 2006, 12:44 am

Great article in PrideSource. Here.

If you don't have time, or don't want to click things, here are some of the high lights.

(On his character Paul from his new dramedy, Say Uncle) : "'I'm much more suave than Paul,' he says. 'I'm much more worldly than Paul ... I'm able to pick up social cues in a way that he's not, [but] I love kids and they bring out some of the best qualities in me.'"

"Although raking in money for the film was the most challenging aspect of his debut, he also had trouble focusing on the script, which took him nine years to complete. 'I actually write quite quickly when I'm actually writing,' he says, blaming it on being a Gemini. 'My focus tends to turn to the newest, shiniest thing in the room.'"

"Although Paige is busy promoting Say Uncle and working on other endeavors, he still misses his Queer As Folk days. 'I miss that home,' he says. '[With a series] you go back year after year and work with all the same people and it's really satisfying in that way.'

"Paige plays tennis with Scott ['Ted'] weekly and the cast plays poker regularly. 'I still have a pretty great relationship with most of them,' he says."

Paige's Picks

Favorite meal you've cooked? "Oh, wow, that's rough 'cause boy do I not cook. The one thing I can make is I can cook a salmon."

TV show? "Grey's Anatomy"

LGBT film? "My Beautiful Laundrette"

Coffee or tea? "Tea, more often than not."

Madonna or Mariah? "Madonna."

Favorite "QAF" memory? "The day a 15-year-old stopped me on the street and told me he came out to his family because of me."

Boxers or briefs? "Briefs."